Email Settings & Guides

At present, we only have guides for Outlook but we'll be adding guides for alternative mail programs in the near future.

Please select the appropriate guide from the list below:

Quick Settings

If your domain name is "" then these are your settings. Be sure to replace "" with your actual domain.

Username: (Your full email address is your username)
Password: Whatever you set your password to, this can be reset in your CMS or in cPanel.

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:, eg:, etc...

We do not support outgoing email as all ISPs in Australia provide this service as standard. If you wish to determine what your outgoing mail server is, simply visit your ISP's website. If you can't seem to find what your outgoing mail server is on their website, be sure to contact them directly.


Adding an auto-responder or vacation message

Autoresponders allow your email account to provide automated messages to people who happen to email you while you're away, making it perfectly clear to them that you will not be available to read their email for some time. This is ideal for when you're away on a deserved holiday.

To begin, Log in to Webmail via with your email address and password.
1) Once you've logged in, simply click the "Auto-Responders" button as in the screenshot below.


2) Now, Click the "Add Auto-Responder" Button as below:


3) Next, enter the information similar to the example below, but using your own details, then click 'Create'.

You can choose to specify start and stop dates for Autoresponder if you desire, or simply remove the Autoresponder manually by once you have logged back into Webmail upon returning from your vacation.