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Here is a more detailed list of the functionality you get with your Go-cms shopping cart site.


  • It's an advanced shopping cart with secure credit card check out, ready to go. All you need are the products to sell and we supply you with a fully featured shopping website ready to take orders and start selling!
  • No software to download or install, it's all online, you make all your changes through the web.
  • Customers pay by credit card on a secure page or print & fax the order.
  • Control prices, descriptions, categories, related products, FAQ’s, Reviews, inventory availability through the administration area.
  • Records online purchases for each client, keeps track of payment history.
  • Add new products instantly from work, home or the even from the beach! (internet access is required).
  • Detailed Freight/Delivery calculator which allows you to enter the exact delivery methods you wish to offer with your product sales. Calculations include by quantity, weight, price or amount of items and can be customised according to different suburbs or countries. Or just set a flat rate above a certain price range.
  • Upload product shots from your digital camera.
  • Set up staff to administer your store, assign privileges e.g. Sue can edit but not delete items.
  • Capture your clients details on-line including delivery addresses. (up to 5)
  • Add keywords to products to help be found in search engines.
  • Be notified by email of purchases. You receive email notification of products sold, orders appear on email with customers details, as well as recorded on site.
  • Customer receives email confirmation of order as well as has the option to print order during transaction.
  • Track orders from your PDA or phone
  • Import your local database file into the site.
  • Keep products updated automatically by importing regular database updates.
  • Export the product database out of the site to use with other database applications.
  • Easy to use built-in search engine, so customers can find that product FAST!
  • Can bolt on to your existing website (using your current style/colour scheme if necessary).
  • Most areas can be customised by yourself through easy to use edit system.
    Note: Further customisation can be completed by our team, specifically to your requirements.
  • Your customers are automatically issued with a username and can choose a password, enabling them to log in to their own 'My Account' area. They can then track previous orders and re-order easily. Can maintain personal 'Favourite' products for easier re-ordering.
  • Maintain your own email accounts through the online management area.
  • View page statistics online
  • You have the option to manually process credit card details or run through payment gateway, such as Paypal
  • Enquire about streamlined ‘real-time’ payment options. (money goes striaght to your business account, without leaving your site environment)
  • Fully featured database Shopping Cart with 'Add item to cart' and check-out facility
  • Fully featured web-based browser administration area. Log in with your username and password
  • Image management area allowing upload/view/edit and delete of items
  • Automatic thumbnail image generation and down-sampling from the large image (you won't have to generate thumbnail icons for each product you add)
  • Add/edit/delete multiple folders to store images in.
  • Area to maintain fields attached to each product, keywords, description, wholesale price, retail price, product code, manufacturing code, title + up to 5 additional fields
  • FAQ’s (Customers Frequently Asked Questions) (interactive - each post requires approval by you the administrator) includes on/off option.
  • Customer comments and reviews (interactive - each post requires approval by you the administrator) includes on/off option.
  • Star ratings (1-5 displays corresponding stars above product) -  includes on/off option.
  • Ability to attach a pdf description file
  • Ability to attach a product brand logo
  • Manage (add/edit/delete) your product categories, and sub categories
  • Ability to assign multiple categories for each product to appear under
  • Ability to add specific colours to each product, which are available as options at check out.
  • Points system allowing purchaser to acumulate points which they can later redeem for ‘store cash’.
  • Ability to upload .csv (comma separated file) into store to populate with data and or update your products each time you require updates via matching product code.
  • Inventory Management: Option to count down from preset inventory quantity, product then displays either ‘Sold Out’ or ‘Out of stock, place your order now’

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